Your Business Plan



Your Business Plan is the most important document when you want to present your company to the bank or to your partners.


IB Links can help you with the preparation of your Business Plan, together with an accountant.


Your Business Plan consists in 4 parts :


1) Your personal presentation:              2) Your detailed project:

- your education                                 - your offer : products, services, price rates

- your business expertise                      - your market target

- your network                                   - your production process

- your resources                                 - your marketing approach, the distribution 


3) Your market:                                  4) Your financial approach:

- market size                                      - investments, assets

- competitors data                              - financial loans

- market offer : products, prices            - expected turnover

- market evolution and trends                - previsional expenses 


Busines Plan

Your Business Plan

Basic information

Business Plan : table of contents

Description of what a business plan should contain.