Market investigation



Exploring the market is one of the decisive steps in the process of starting a business. You should not neglect this phase, because it helps you get a better knowledge about your environment, thus reducing as much as possible the risks you are taking.



IB Links can proceed to this market research and provide you with the relevant information on 4 different aspects :


• your market itself : products, key players, size, specific rules which apply to it

• the distribution system : how it is organized, quantitative data

• the clients : customers’segmentation, expectations, purchasing behaviours

• your competitors : how many, where are they, which offers and at which prices … ?



Our market research is conducted following 4 successive steps :

• collecting data through professional media, economic surveys, professional trade unions

• filing the data in several dedicated documents by subject

• data analysis and production of a summary document featuring the main conclusions of the research

• presentation meeting at IB Links, during which the summary document is handed over to you, together with our recommendations


Market research

Getting to know your market

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